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New Perceptions is an Upper Peninsula-based small business, dedicated to providing energy work to the average individual. This blog was created as an offshoot of the New Perceptions official website, as a place where people can ask questions about energy, and receive answers to those questions.

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Feel free to ask anything you're curious about regarding energy! Possible topics include the human energy field, chakras, meridians, Reiki, space cleansing, crystals, Tarot cards, energy itself, or anything else you can think of to ask that is related to the idea of energy or energy work.

I will also be making a monthly post about crystals. Crystals are an easy way to bring the benefits of energy work into your everyday life, and most of the crystals I will be discussing are available locally at inexpensive prices. Each post will focus on a different kind of crystal, it's uses, and other information about that particular stone. 

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September's Q&A

What is energy? -Anonymous

Most people accept that the Universe is made up of tiny, almost-invisible particles known as atoms. Everything from our own sun to anthills are composed of these atoms at their most basic level. Human beings are no different; you and I are both made of millions of individual atoms, no matter how solid our bodies feel. However, what today's scientists are just beginning to realize (but healers and other energy workers have known for thousands of years), is that atoms themselves are made up of pure energy.

What does this mean for you? Basically, it means that you are a being of energy. Not just spiritually speaking, but on a physical level. The energy of your physical body actually extends about six feet out from your body, creating an energy field known as your aura. This energy field is just as important as your skin and bones; it circulates energy through your being and keeps you vitalized. Although most people can't "see" the human energy field, it has been observed and measured by a number of different scientists (notably Barbara Brennan, a physicist).

In fact, everything that exists in the physical world has an energy field, even places. Have you ever gone into a room for the first time and just known that something bad happened there? That's because the energy from that negative event is imprinted onto the energy field of the place where it happened.

Essentially, we are beings of energy living in a Universe of energy. Our own energy fields are constantly being affected by the energy fields of other people, places and things. A good example of this is
having a conversation with a very negative person, someone who is constantly complaining or saying negative things. You walk away from the conversation feeling negative and drained yourself--because that person's negative energy affected your energy.

The idea of the Universe as a big melting pot of interacting energy can be a little mind-blowing at first, but it's also very exciting. It's exciting because, even though outside energy is constantly affecting us, we can also affect our own energy. Sometimes the effect is negative, like when we think mean thoughts about ourselves or others, or do things that we know aren't good for us. But we can also work with our energy in a positive way to release the negative energy that we've accumulated, balance our emotions, and help bring physical healing into our bodies. That puts a lot of power in our hands! 


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Weekly Question & Answer

I'm interested in learning more about crystals and energy work and using them in my daily life, but sometimes my family and friends just think it's a lot of make-believe. How can I explain it to them in a logical way so they can see how it's beneficial to me? -Tara in Iowa

Thanks for sharing your question, Tara!

Many of the concepts behind energy work seem to directly contradict the way we generally look at life here in the Western world, so it's not surprising that many people's initial reaction to the idea of "energy" is to dismiss it as foolishness, wishful thinking, or some sort of scary voodoo. We are a very rational culture, and we tend to look at the world in a way that emphasizes "the facts" above all else. And for most people, the fact is that humans are purely physical beings--maybe we have souls, people say, but if we do, they don't have any real effect on our physical body or daily life.

This emphasis on facts is ironic when you dig beneath the way we perceive the world, and start looking at the true nature of things. Nothing in the known Universe is purely solid or purely physical. Everything is made up of tiny atoms swirling around each other, and the things atoms do at a molecular level is pretty crazy--sometimes an atom disappears from one place and pops up in another without any actual "travel," or that same atom might suddenly be in two places at once. And scientists are finding that the atoms which make up people, places and things are themselves made up of pure energy.

So the real "facts" of life are that we are energetic beings swimming around in a vast Universe of energy, where things we think of as impossible happen every day. If more people accepted this, energy work as a whole would be more accepted. When you understand that your entire physical body is actually made up of energy, it makes a lot more sense that energy blocks or imbalances can produce physical illnesses and other problems. This has been accepted in the East for thousands of years (since before we even had a culture over here in the West), and systems for working with energy to correct problems and imbalances have been in practice for just as long.

However, this is a lot to try to explain to your mom when she asks you why you're sleeping with a hunk of rock under your pillow, so I'd go with the short answer. Just explain that for some reason, carrying and wearing crystals makes you feel calmer, the same way drinking tea or exercising helps other people feel more calm and balanced. Meditating quiets your mind and helps you find solutions to problems, and praying helps you connect to the Divine and seek guidance.

If you choose to see an energy worker, you can explain how relaxed you feel during and after a session, and list some of the proven medical benefits of relaxation. You don't have to get into the whole song-and-dance of chakra balancing and visualization and energy flow--just let your friends and family know that you've found some techniques that help you lead a more balanced life, techniques that many other people around the country (and the world) are utilizing as well. If you do want to go more in-depth, you can highlight the fact that energy work methods such as Reiki and acupuncture are increasingly being used in hospital settings, along with visualization meditation, to enhance the healing process.

The reason there's such a resurgence in interest in energy work right now is because people who are open to trying these methods are finding that they actually work
. Working with your energy can help you feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally. So don't feel like you have to justify your beliefs to anyone but yourself. Give some general answers, like the ones listed above, and if the person you're talking to seems interested, invite them to try some of the techniques you've learned for themselves. But the important thing is that you're finding methods that help you feel better and live a more fulfilling life. Remember, you're not alone in this "new" way of thinking, and more people are coming around to it every day!


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Weekly Crystal Post

Our crystal for this week is smoky quartz, a beautiful translucent black stone. Smoky quartz usually forms in points (see the picture above), and can also be purchased in tumbled form.

Smoky quartz is an extremely grounding and centering stone. It resonates with the base chakra, and is linked to earthy energies, although it can also raise vibrations during meditation (as well as clear the mind). A protective stone, smoky quartz is extremely effective at absorbing stress and also helps in dealing with hard times and "rough waters" in life

This crystal aids in elimination and detoxification on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, energetic), and brings in positive energy to fill the space left behind. Smoky quartz can help you leave behind anything that no longer serves you, and also alleviates fear and depression while bestowing a sense of peace. It can even aid in the relief of suicidal tendencies (although anyone dealing with suicidal thoughts should seek the help of a qualified medical professional in addition to using crystal therapy).

Smoky quartz is great for anyone dealing with body issues, as it encourages accepting your physical body and sexuality. It gently dissolves negative emotions. This versatile stone helps resolve contradictions of all kinds, promotes concentration, and can aid in renewing broken communication. It can also relieve physical pain, banish nightmares, and manifest dreams.

Because smoky quartz so easily absorbs negative energy, it's important to cleanse it often. Smoky quartz is a great choice for healing energy work on yourself or others, especially crystal layouts and chakra balancing. You can benefit from its properties by carrying it in your pocket, meditating with it, or wearing smoky quartz jewelry. Use your intuition to find other ways of incorporating it into your life!

Sources: Personal experience and The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall (available at the Peter White Public Library).


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Weekly Question & Answer

I recently had my chakras balanced, and I have felt peaceful and wonderful since. I am wondering how often I can or should do this? –Cora in Michigan

Thanks for the excellent question, Cora!

For the average individual, I generally recommend balancing your chakras at least once a week, whether you visit a qualified energy worker or balance your chakras on your own. Balancing your chakras weekly allows you to release the stress of daily life that builds up over the week, and helps to keep your aura/energy field vibrant, which will energize you mentally and physically.

Also, your aura tends to revert back to the state it’s most frequently in—if you’re usually depressed, over-stressed or crabby, then you’ll tend to keep returning to that state when there’s nothing around to put you in a better mood.  So working with your chakras at least once a week (or more if you feel like you need it) means your entire energy system will get used to being in a more positive and balanced state. This will make it easier for you to keep feeling positive, rather than falling back into a negative “default” state.

On the other hand, if you’re dealing with a difficult issue or situation, I’d recommend more frequent balancing, at least two to three times a week, or even daily. Ideally, I’d advise someone going through a rough spot in life to balance their own chakras a few times a week, and also see an energy worker once or twice weekly.

I advise people dealing with tough times see an energy worker in addition to working on their own chakras/aura because it’s often difficult to do the intensive work necessary during these times by yourself, precisely because you’re so stressed out or upset. It's also beneficial to have the outside perspective an energy worker offers to help you see things you might not otherwise notice, because you’re so close to whatever issue or situation you’re dealing with.

Plus, it’s nice to let someone else take care of you energetically—even experienced energy workers often have their chakras balanced by others. It’s very relaxing to lay back and just enjoy the experience of feeling your energy shift, without having to do the work yourself. But whether you have someone else work on your chakras or you do it yourself, the important thing is that your chakras get the attention they need to remain in a balanced state, and keep you feeling peaceful and wonderful!


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